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China into the integrated circuit the main battlefield industry has risen to national strategies

Continuing to adopt a central file, continue to put into operation a new plant, with the influx of foreign capital ... In recent years, China's IC market has been bustling.
Opportunities: the Chinese who in the world
In 2012, the hottest topic in the semiconductor industry is probably the collective decline of Japanese enterprises. "3.11" earthquake of 2011 as a turning point, Toshiba, Renesas, Sony and other Japanese enterprises occupy market share fell to 15% from 52% in the highest. In February 2012, the world's third-largest chip maker Elpida declare bankruptcy. The industry believes that an important reason for the decline of the Japanese companies is the lack of attention to the Chinese market. The world's top 10 semiconductor companies in 2011, for example, American Intel, Texas Instruments, Samsung, Hynix has production lines in China, with the exception of the Japanese companies.
CCID Consulting statistics show that mainland China IC market sales in 2011 was 806.5 billion yuan, accounting for 51% of the global IC market, while the U.S. market is only $ 55.2 billion, accounting for about 20% or so. "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" released in accordance with the Ministry of Industry and IC industry predicts that by 2015, the size of the domestic IC market will be more than 1 trillion yuan. This means that the next few years China's IC market will continue to maintain a rapid growth, ranking first in the world.
China has become the main battlefield of the integrated circuit, was the Chinese who may be the world.
Largest market means that the most intense competition, which has been the Korean series enterprises occupy the top spot of the world semiconductor market, the most eye-catching. April 10, 2012, South Korea's Samsung Electronics, an investment of $ 7 billion memory chip project officially settled in Xi'an, which is the largest foreign investment project in the electronic information industry since the reform and opening up. As early as in 2006, in order to seize market opportunities, combined with STMicroelectronics, Hynix Semiconductor to invest two billion U.S. dollars, the construction of the most advanced 12-inch production line in Wuxi. In recent years, the U.S. semiconductor giant Intel, Texas Instruments, have also set up factories in Dalian, Chengdu.
In the the foreign counterparts Zhuluzhongyuan "time, a number of leading domestic companies' performance is also very eye-catching. IC design industry, for example, in 2011 the top 10 IC design companies shortlisted base of nearly $ 100 million, more than 1 billion U.S. dollars the Huawei Hisilicon sales revenue, the Spreadtrum achieve sales of about 4.3 billion yuan, an increase of more than 70%. SMIC manufacturing field, since its establishment in 2000, the rapid development of mainland China has grown into the largest, world ranked fourth in the wafer foundry business.
Crisis: Chinese enterprises passive catch-up
Accompanied by a group of people shocking data of triumph of the Chinese IC industry. IC import amount of up to $ 170.2 billion in 2011, continued to rank as the largest amount of domestic and imported products and domestic products to meet the domestic market demand is still less than 20%.
Domestic and foreign companies, the generation gap is also very obvious. In 2010, the sum of the sales revenue of China's more than 500 integrated circuit design enterprises is only about half of the world's first design enterprise Qualcomm. Prominent among the SMIC, the world's largest integrated circuit manufacturer TSMC only 1/10 to 1/12 of its annual sales.
From raw materials, technology and talent to the market, the competition in the semiconductor industry is already highly international, the latecomer Chinese enterprises has been in a passive situation of catch-up. The integrated circuit of the importance of the national economy is self-evident, its application range covering military, civilian, almost all electronic devices. As China enters the information society, the information input, operation, output, storage must rely on integrated circuits, integrated circuits and national information security are closely linked.
Turning point: as a national strategy
Therefore, the establishment of self-control integrated circuit industry has risen to the national strategy. National long-term science and technology development plan (2006-2020) "integrated circuit equipment in major projects. Major projects breakthroughs in core technologies and resource integration in order to achieve national objectives, the completion of a major strategic products within a certain time limit, the key generic technologies and major projects.
Support from the country's development effort in 2000. In 2000, the State Council issued the text of the 18th, to support efforts to increase the chip industry is the most favorable that all industry support policies. The text of the introduction in the 18th directly spawned the first wave of development of the integrated circuit.
According to the China Semiconductor Industry Association data, the scale of China's semiconductor industry, from 56.16 billion yuan in 2002 soared to 281.431 billion yuan in 2011, and the average annual growth rate of 19.61%. The size of the integrated circuit industry jumped from 26.84 billion yuan in 2002 to 157.22 billion yuan in 2011, an average annual growth of 21.70% share of the domestic IC market share rose from 14.60% in 2002 to 19.49% in 2011.
In 2011, after the expiration of the text in the 18th, the State Council issued a new text on the 18th. The new paper on the support of a qualified IC enterprise technological progress and technological transformation projects, on behalf of the central budget. iSuppli senior analyst Gu Wenjun, give clear instructions on the funds for the "12th Five-Year" during the introduction of the national key projects and project, the integrated circuit industry to a higher strategic height.
Improve industrial competitiveness, self-control IC industry, which is behind the vision of the central file. However, in accordance with the stated objectives of the released by the Ministry of the integrated circuit industry, "the 12th Five-Year Development Plan, by 2015, China's IC industry can only meet less than 30% of the domestic market demand.
This is bound to be a long path to catch up.